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INFORMATION SECURITY: 10 Proactive Measures

  • Julio Marti Vento
  • October 11st, 2022
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In a constantly evolving technological world, Information Security is an increasingly important issue that affects all people who, at some point, carry out their activities using Information Technologies.

Sometimes, we believe that our daily tasks are not important in terms of security or that the information we process is of no interest outside of the university environment, this attitude can lead us to a false sense of security.

The responsibility to achieve an adequate degree of security depends on all the instances that comprise the University, from the government team to the end user, each one must contribute his grain of sand to prevent the incidents of safety or, should it occur, minimize the impact as much as possible.

To achieve this goal, then we will show you 10 keys to proactive prevention, complying with these keys we will be closer to achieving the common goal of prevention rather than reacting to possible threats.

Always up to date

Keep devices, programs, and applications up to date.



Use an antivirus to scan files, downloads, and any information hosted on your devices.



Remember to protect relevant information by making regular backups. The University makes storage in the private cloud available to you through or


Access to your devices

Access to your devices ALWAYS using a username / password. Do not use blank or insecure passwords.


Lost password

Please provide a mobile phone number or alternate email account to recover your password. Fill in your details at


Physical access control

Do not leave the office unattended or without the door closed.


Screen lock

Set automatic screen lock to turn on automatically within 15 minutes of inactivity.


Watch out for phishing

Be wary of suspicious emails or sent by strangers. When in doubt, never access links or open attachments.


Remember the obligations

Remember that you must always comply with security obligations.


Report incidents

In the event of any incident, contact the UV ICT Support Center -