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In order to validate the acess to all computer services of the University of Valencia the SIUV provides all working people of the University with an account (username) and an associated password. This pair username/password is unique and comes indissolubly associated to a person (an ID or passport number).

The pair username/password is essential to access all services which require a guarantee of the person accessing.
All accounts come associated with an ‘email account’ within the University of Valencia’s mail server, with its pertinent electronic address. This email address will be the one used as a direct mean of communication with the user in case of news, problems, etc, related to the account in particular or to any University service in general.

Added to the email address, the user account can be associated to many other accounts, depending on the services the user has access to (web accounts, disk account, calculus account, an account for the virtual office of the secretary, account to access the classrooms…). All these accounts will necessarily have the same pair username/password.

In order to obtain a user account, it is enough with having the associated email account, due to the fact that both are simultaneously created.

If an account is not available, it is possible to request one at the SIUV or even directly activate it (in case that the user has a university card or an activation code).

It is an indispensable condition in order to have an account to have a recognized correlation with the University. A person without direct relation (of work or studies) with the University can obtain an account by having a University worker to support his correlation with the University and attaching the support to the account request.

The accessible or associable services of an account can depend on the type of account (student, personal, employed, professor…).

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