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Within this area the software license distribution is managed; they are acquired in a centralized way through the software catalogue. Access to the software for all users with a license through the software server, the software license server and for the products which require it, the support deposit and original materials are all through intern management of acquisition and renovation of licenses.

Software server

All software in the Catalogue is available to be installed at the software server.
Despite the license a software may have, the software access is never public, so you will always need to identify yourself as a user of the University of Valencia to be able to access. Additionally, it is necessary to have a product license to access its folder in the server.

Server access
Server access is limited to computers found within the interface of the University of Valencia and it is possible to use the following protocols:


This is a valid method for any operating system. It requires for a programme to be executed as a FTP client, access the server and identify with the username and password of the University.

It has to be taken into account that accessing via FTP you cannot execute the installation programmes; it is only possible to copy them on the computer and install them afterwards. The most common ways of FTP connections are:


Microsoft Network


Requires to have a computer using any version of Microsoft Windows installed, better if it is over Windows 95, and access: 

To access the software server this way it is necessary for your computer to have the programme installed to avoid sending coded passwords.