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What is a cloakroom used for? How does it work?

Using the UV server’s cloakroom you can have your browser send you an adjunct file to a correspondent.

The cloakroom is public. Anyone, both from the University of Valencia or not, can use It to send files to a UV user. Any UV user can use it to send files to whom he desires even if it is not a member of the UV.

Through a ‘common list’ you can distribute a file to an indefinite number of people; you only need to communicate the password you give to it.

The cloakroom has an advantage over the email because it allows to send very heavy files (until 20 GBytes). The files are stored at the cloakroom for 15 days, enough time for your correspondent to receive your email with a codified URL. Clicking the URL your correspondent will be able to download the file.

If you are a member of the UV you can know the cloakroom’s URL so you can send copies of it to other people or pick the file up yourself from other computer.

If you use the Common List, your file will show, in the public list, but it will only allow it’s the people who know your password to download it. If you are a member of the University you can decide not to give it a password so that it can be accessed from outside the Unviersity of Valencia.


Access to the cloackroom