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Anonymous FTP Server

Our main file server is the Anonymous FTP Server of the University of Valencia. In it, you can find multiple programs, documents, etc. placed there by members from out university community.

… Unluckily, the FTP is currently in disuse, reason why the current content is very obsolete (except exceptions).
Usually, the users depose files to distribute at the Cloakroom (temporal) or in their web space. Currently, the anonymous FTP still makes sense if we are talking about distributing a big quantity of files or big files (>2GB).

Any person working or collaborating with the University can request for files of interest to be stored in the FTP server if they are not available at other FTP servers.

Contact via e-mail:

You can Access the FTP server using the browser or the client’s FTP programme. For more details on the FTP clients you can check this help.