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All grups of people who own a user account in the Universtiy will be able to request for a group account.

A group account allows enjoying restricted services for a “group” of people as long as they have a University account. Typically, group services are related to the share of information (i.e. documents, calendars, forums…) or to develop projects or common functions (handling an entity’s email account, managing a project…).

A group account does not have (except for extraordinary cases) a password associated; only a “group username”.
A group account always has one or various administrators that manage who (which users) and with which permissions do they access the different group services. A group cannot associate to a University body (a service, department, course…) so the body’s manager (director, administrator…) can change, if needed, the group’s administrator.

The same way as it happens with individual accounts, group accounts can have access, or not, to the diverse services depending on the type of account (group of students, of researchers…).

Applications for Drive and Web Space, and to Recuperate Backup Copies

Applications for private spaces (Drive)


Applications for public dpaces (World Wide Web)