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UV External Storage

  • Juan Perez Garcia
  • June 3rd, 2021
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Approved modification of art. 30 of the REGULATION OF USE OF RESOURCES RELATED TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND COMMUNICATIONS OF THE UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA, on June 1, 2021 by the Governing Council, the storage of documents and personal data to external servers must comply with the following requirements:

1. The activities of the staff of the University of Valencia, especially the hosting of electronic documents on servers, must preferably be carried out through the use of ICT resources provided by the University.

2. The members of the University of Valencia who, for the development of tasks in the university environment use external services and servers at the University of Valencia, have the obligation to read and understand the legal conditions of these services, knowing at all times what they undertake and what responsibilities the service lender has, and they have to ensure that these comply with the Spanish regulatory environment. In any case, they are solely responsible for its use.

3. Personal or confidential data may only be stored in cloud services or servers of holders that provide services in the European Union or in countries that offer a level of legal protection comparable to that of Europe with respect to the right to protect personal data, with responsibility falling due to loss of information or security breaches in the accommodation lender. On the contrary, it is strictly forbidden to make use of accommodation service lenders that do not meet the requirements of protection comparable to the data protection right of the European Union, for which the University of València may place all responsibility, including the moral evil that is caused to the institution, in those who decide to use these services ignoring this prohibition.

4. In the case of files or processing of personal data that are going to be transferred or shared with third countries outside the EU or international organizations, the transfer will have to be previously informed and authorized by the UV Data Protection Delegation .

5. The user has to verify that there is no transfer of any type of intellectual or industrial property right to the service provider.

6. The University of Valencia does not have control over the services external to the institution. Therefore, it is not responsible for third-party access to information or for incidents, losses or damages that may occur in the use of these applications.

7. The University of Valencia can claim for damages that may be caused as a result of the use of external cloud computing applications.
Therefore, the authorization of the information security management and coordination committee is not necessary for the use of DROBOX, ONEDRIVE or any other cloud storage service, as long as the above measures are guaranteed and you will only have to ask the authorization of the UV Data Protection Delegation in the case provided in point 4.

Information security management and coordination committee.