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Windows 8.1 without support in 2023-01-10

  • IT Department
  • December 20th, 2022
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Windows 8.1 will achieve the ending of the support the January 10, 2023, moment at which no longer will provide technical assistance or updates of software. If you have devices that execute Windows 8.1, recommend you that you update the ones at a version of Windows more recent, at kick and compatible. If the devices do not conform the technical requisites to execute a more recent version of Windows, recommend you that you replace the device for one that admit Windows 11.

What implies the end of the support?

From the January 10, 2023, the squads that execute Windows 8.1 will continue functioning, but Microsoft no longer will provide the following:

  • Technical support of any problem
  • Updates of software
  • Updates of security or corrections

Although you could continue using a squad that execute Windows 8.1, without continual updates of software and security, the squad will race a main risk of virus and malware, and therefore all the equipos and devices at mesh vincultas with him. We recommend you that you update at a version of Windows that continue being compatible. A new device that can execute Windows 11 facilitates the transition and offers a better experience.