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The Universitat de València at the first Blockuniversitats conference: Blockchain Education Network. Next Saturday, February 23rd, the Universitat Politècnica will host the first Blockuniversitats conference: Blockchain Education Network, which will count on the presence of public Valencian universities: Universitat de València, Universitat d’Alacant i Universitat Miguel Hernández d’Elx.

Blockchain technology has been put on the map thanks to its use in Bitcoin cryptocurrency, but its scope of application goes much further than that. Blockchain, also known as chain of blocks, is a tool that allows decentralised certification processes under security conditions. Its display on the university and general public opens up many possibilities for the different administrations.

This technology is not really known by the different social actors, since there are already several proposals for its application in many other fields, such as banking, electoral processes, certifications (of properties, titles, academic marks, etc.) In short, this is a technology that gives value to information exchange in the network in a decentralised way, something that could open up many possibilities to ethical values like collaboration and common good in the new digital society.

This conference will include a dissemination lecture to explain what Blockchain is; a technological round table, in which they will talk about the secrets of this technology; and a table of applications where people will be able to share and discuss ideas and initiatives to use Blockchain for the common good, in particular in university life.

The registration for this conference will be carried out through a Blockchain with distributed nodes in the different participating universities. This is possible thanks to the technology that has been developed by the participating public universities, a technology that has been successfully proven in the first technical conferences BAES&Madphy, celebrated on October 19th, 2018, in Alicante, at the Colegio Notarial of the Valencian Community.

The participating universities have closely collaborated in order to carry out this pioneer project of the Blockchain Education Network. From the organisation of this conference we wish to send an open message to society about the way in which your university integrates this technology to put it at the service of citizens, fulfilling their duty to be at the vanguard of all of those technologies that can be used for the common good and the process of society.

Information about the conference, the programme and registration can be found in:

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