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Presentation of the Monitoring Centre

The Office of the Vice-Principal for Innovation and Transfer, within the context of improvement and promotion of the institutional and business chairs programme of the Universitat de València (UVCÁTEDRAS), has created a repository of good practices for these type of activities, The EXCELLENTIA EX CATHEDRA Monitoring Centre, managed by the Policies for Excellence Office [OPEX] of the Universitat de València.

The Monitoring Centre:

  • It is a bank of experiences where, after having been duly selected and evaluated by a committee of experts, the best practices developed by any institutional and business chair (hereinafter referred as institutional chairs) of the Spanish university system, along with the necessary information to make possible a closer and more operative contact, are compiled.
  • It aims to promote, on the one hand, the identification of trends and innovative practices in the development of the activities of institutional chairs and, on the other hand, to be a way to publicise them, promote their discussion and analysis and favour their diffusion and transfer.
  • It is configured as an open consultation space designed for research staff, for entities interested in this type of collaboration with the university and responsible technical and/or managerial staff who want to exchange and apply, in their field, the experiences other institutions have successfully developed.


The Monitoring Centre will call every year the EXCELLENTIA EX CATHEDRA Awards of the Universitat de València to good practices in the development of the activities carried out by an institutional chair. These prizes represent recognition of the good practices developed by any institutional chair belonging to a Spanish university that meets the requirements established in the bases of this call.