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The Luis Amigó Chair of the Universitat de València is an initiative aligned with the objectives of the Amigó Foundation in the field of training professionals whose work is related to the different problems affecting children and young people at risk, in order to detect, treat and resolve them in the best possible way, intending to avoid possible negative consequences.

The Luis Amigó Chair has the following objectives:

  • Training professionals to work with adolescents from any discipline.
  • Providing a transversal and specialized training in current complex issues that require an experienced teaching staff with great experience working with families, children and adolescents.
  • Offering an structured framework for study, analysis, reflection and proposals involving adolescence, its behaviour and socialisation patterns, familiar nexus and risk relationships.
  • Expanding knowledge about the problems involved in the evaluation, diagnosis and intervention with adolescents through teaching and experiences taught by experts and academics.

The creation of the Luis Amigó Chair aims to strengthen the training of educators and professionals in the integral care of children and youth, as well as intensify research in their field of action from a multidisciplinary perspective. At present, the Luis Amigó Chair and the Universitat de València organise every year the Master's degree in evaluation, prevention and intervention of adolescents with risk and philio-parental violence (MEPIAR).

Directora: Dr. Mª Vicenta Mestre