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The so-called Adequate Dispute Resolution Means (MASC), among which is mediation, have demonstrated their effectiveness as participatory channels through which people can manage their discrepancies, thus favoring the fostering a culture of peace and dialogue. Likewise, access to this way of managing disputes contributes to the dejudicialisation of conflicts, which has a positive impact on the actions of the Administration of Justice.

The new Institutional Chair Culture of Mediation between the University of Valencia and the Ministry of Justice, Interior and Administration
Pública consolidates the leadership of the Valencian Community in the implementation of this modality of alternative justice that, in the last two years alone, has taken on more than 1,500 cases that, if it had reached the courts, would have cost around 1 , 9 million euros.

Faced with a culture of litigation that has accompanied us for centuries of legal history, the mediating institution emerges as a great model of social pacification adaptable to all kinds of conflict that also allows us to work on the necessary values ​​for the society we live in. : social deconfliction, the ability to take responsibility for one's own actions, as well as the promotion of equality and solidarity between people.