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The International IECO-UV Business Ethics Chair was created on an initiative of the Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO) of COSO Foundation and it is affiliated with the University of Valencia.

Its main objective is to develop IECO training programs, promoting and disseminating national and international research and good practices in the areas that link together ethics, communication and management fields.

To do so, the IECO-UV Chair has the aim of establishing ways of collaboration and development between the UV and those companies and entities of all sectors, which are oriented and committed to improve the ethical quality of the organization itself and of society as a whole.

Among the initiatives promoted are the following: research activities, training programs, cultural and university extension activities, both national and international, oriented to create and develop knowledge and to spread  the permanent value of Business Ethics, beyond ephemeral trends.

The IECO-UV Chair steering committee consists of:

  • Director: Manuel Guillén, PhD., University of Valencia, IECO Director
  • Executive Director:  Rita Jácome, PhD., University of Valencia, IECO Executive Director.
  • Director of Organization: Luis Pérez, PhD., Valencia Conference Centre, IECO Director of Organization.