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PhD Students Coffee Time: Dani Morant

  • 7 de març de 2019
Ángel Gálvez

El próximo jueves 07/03/2019 a las 10:00h en la Sala Reuniones SS6 (Edificio de Cabecera, semisótano), Dani Morant, estudiante predoc del grupo de Limnología, abordará el tema: "Integrating a climatic approach to the European conservation directives in the assessment of lakes and wetlands"

He says:

Carbon balance in Mediterranean wetlands shows a carbon capture capacity and a climatic mitigating effect. However, their alteration grade is a relevant factor that can modify the metabolic rates and thus, their proprieties on the climatic regulation capacity. Being in a climate change framework, issues like this should be taken into account when assessing their condition and the establishing measures to revert the degradation and their consequences in a climatic perspective. In this sense, nature and conservation European directives are the key tools for the protection and management of the ecosystems and biodiversity. Methods defined in those directives allow to identify the current condition and, therefore, the strategies to achieve a good status, though they do not consider the climate change effects on their assessments. An analysis about the assessment methods to identify the ecological (Water Framework Directive) and conservation status (Habitats Directive) will be carried out. Besides, taking advantage of the biochemical studies on Mediterranean wetlands, they could be used as indicators of the ecosystems role in a climatic perspective. Habitats and water bodies with a bad condition lose part of their regulation capacity, and it should be considered in the Directives proposals.

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