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PhD Students Coffee Time: David Ruiz

  • 12 de maig de 2022
David Ruiz

El próximo jueves 12/05/2022 a las 15:00h en la Sala Reuniones SS6 (Edificio de Cabecera, Semisótano), David Ruiz (Biología Marina) nos hablará sobre el tema: “What’s going on with sharks? Research and management”.

He says:

Chondrichthyans (sharks, rays and chimaeras) constitute the most endangered group of marine species, with 53% of the Mediterranean species classified as threatened. Overfishing and habitat degradation are the main cause for population decline. However, the establishment of management measures is complex, needing of well-developed scientific evidence on population trends. Aiming the shed light on their status and inform management plans, we are working on the assessment of their populations, while monitoring the effect of the management measures currently implemented and trying to create a relationship of trust with the fisheries sector. We also provide new insights into post-capture survival and commercialization practices. We aim to improve the scientific knowledge available for the status and trade of the western Mediterranean chondrichthyans and contribute to a more efficient assessment and management of the associated fisheries and the conservation of marine ecosystems and living resources.

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