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Also, from the different research lines outlined by the IUCIE, at the “Romà de la Calle” Documentation Centre of Valencian Contemporary Art” have been carried out different collaboration agreements with other Valencian institutions, such as:

  • Higher research grant for the project “Estudi i Catalogació del Patrimoni de Bancaixa” (Study and Cataloguing of Bancaixa Heritage). This project remained in force from 2003 to 2005 and was funded by this bank through the UV.
  • The development of a “Bibliographic repertoire of Contemporary Valencian Artists 1950-2000”, carried out by a research team, under the direction of the Professor Romà de la Calle. This has been possible thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between the UV and the Valencia Provincial Council. Researchers and interns are still updating the mentioned Repertoire.
  • In this respect, the Centre offers the possibility of doing work placements, initially for students of different licenciaturas (Former Spanish Undergraduate degrees), Undergraduate Degrees, as well as for students of the Master’s Degree in Art History and Visual Culture, through ADEIT, work placements that can be validated by the corresponding credits.
  • Seminar programmes and lectures developed at the Centre, since the 80s to the present day, with its own programmes and taught by specialists.
  • The promotion of Youth Art remains active thanks to the agreement between the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Àmbit Cultural and the Documentation Centre, by which 6 annual promotional exhibitions are done at the Centre “Espai d’Art Ademús”. The management of this project is carried out entirely at this centre.
  • An agreement established between the Documentation Centre and “Gràfiques Romeu (València), has generated the project “Roomart”, with the participation of a dozen young artists.
  • Currently, cataloguing and archive works are made periodically by university interns at the Documentation Centre. The development of these new technologies allows the progress in the structuring of its bibliographic and newspaper library contents, primarily through a joint inventory and classification work for an effective ordering.
  • The collected bibliographical funds through all these years have allowed the CDAVC to support research for: curating exhibitions, undergraduate and master’s degrees final projects and doctoral theses.

Contact with:
Ricard Silvestre. Coordinador del CDAVC. Telèfon: (+34 963 983 793)
Floren Sánchez. PAS. Telephone: 96 386 41 00 ext. 51393
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 32. 46010 València