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Master's Degree description

Entry profile

The appropriated student’s profile of the Master’s Degree Students in Applied Palaeontology is that of graduates from degrees of the field of experimental sciences and technologies related and who wish to complete their training by taking a Master’s of professional or research nature in these fields, with a high level of experimentality. Thus, holders of one of the following undergraduate degrees can access to the Master’s: Degree in Geology, Environmental Sciences or Biology basically, or in other degrees such as Sea Sciences, Geological Engineering, or degrees corresponding to other experimental sciences and related technologies under the assessment of the Master’s Degree Academic Committee.


Entry criteria

  • Adaptation of the students’ training to the recommended entry profile in the section 4.1.1 (40-50%)
  • Academic record (30-40 %).
  • The CV submitted (with documentary evidence of the merits alleged) (10-20%). If it is considered desirable, a personal interview about the merits alleged in the curriculum will be carried out.
  • The level of language required for the different languages in which the Master’s will be taught (Spanish, Valencian, English) is the following:
    • The Spanish and Valencian language is implicit in all those applicants who have studied in the Valencian Community, Spain or Spanish speaking countries. The applicants whose mother tongue is not Spanish should seat a placement test or to certify a minimum level such as B1. The minimum level required for English language is also B1, according to the Table of the Common European Framework for Languages, that the student may certify through the corresponding qualifications or through a test.