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  • Digital radio tendencies for 2016

    25 january 2016

    As Arnau Gifreu said in his visit to the Master’s Degree, almost whenever we talk about Audiovisual Communication we omit the “audio” part of the term, that is why, we dedicated this post to the new tendencies of digital radio for 2016.

  • Star HD, the Spanish High Definition which reaches America

    18 january 2016

    Star HD, TVE’s new HD International Channel starts on Monday 18th January its emission in America with a programming which include successful series and entertainment in Spain, such as ‘Isabel’, ‘Águila Roja’ (Red Eagle) and ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ (The Ministry of Time).

  • Master’s Degree professional opportunities

    14 january 2016

    The official Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats trains its students for the new audiovisual profiles arisen as a consequence of the digitisation of the audiovisual industry. This posts describes one of the most relevant professional profiles in the new audiovisual paradigm, the transmedia professional.

  • ‘Oro’, the next Spanish historical fiction about to reach the big screen

    11 january 2016

    Spanish production of historical fiction comes back to the cinemas with ‘Oro’ (Gold), a film directed by two-time-Goya awarded director in 1995, Agustín Díaz Yanes.

  • Cinema for all with Whatscine and Cine Accesible

    7 january 2016

    Whatscine and Cine Accesible are two initiatives developed both by private institutions and Spanish universities who promote equality in cultural access.

  • Everything you need to know about colour grading

    7 january 2016

    Colour grading consists of colour correction for aesthetics purposes Murnau already used this technique in 1922 for his work ‘Nosferatu’ in order to reinforce the atmosphere of terror.  Since then, several directors have turned it into their distinguishing mark. 

  • Watch cinema as you had never seen it before, or had you?

    18 december 2015

    Tarantino takes up the 70mm film format for the projection of his new western, ‘The hateful eight’. The Ultra Panavision was a type of negative which ceased to be used in the 60 in films like ‘Ben Hur’.

  • The debate between Rajoy and Sánchez, the most viewed

    15 december 2015

    The debate which took place on December 14 concluded the round of TV debates between the presidential candidates, out of which we could highlight the inclusion of new technologies. 

  • Finance your project with state aids

    10 december 2015

    The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, through the Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute, calls every year aids for the financing of short and feature films. Here there are some of them.

  • the TVMorfosis meeting comes to Europe for the first time

    Spanish audiovisual congresses map

    4 december 2015

    The Universitat de València and the Official Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats organize every year the CONTD in Contents for Digital Television, which put students and professionals of the sector in contact.