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7 keys to prepare a good pitch

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Do you feel nervous when facing a pitch? In the audiovisual sector are several tests you will have to face. If you want to improve your technique, keep reading these 7 keys.

26 april 2017

At some time during your career you will have to make a pitch in order to expose a topic. The first 30 seconds of your speech are crucial to give a good impression and, consequently, convince someone to hire you or to participate in your project. However, this test can cause concern in some people. Here are 7 keys to improve your speech, according to Paco Rodríguez, consultant after years of experience as audiovisual producer.

The first 30 seconds of your pitch are crucial to create a favourable image of yourself. Take advantage of it to create climate of trust and believe in you. 

1. Work on controlling yourself and social intelligence.To dominate and recognise your emotions will be useful to improve your communication. Some people are afraid of failure or make a fool of them, so it is important to identify what scares you, downplay and defeat fear.


2. Be brief and focus on the important information.Sometimes brevity is the soul of wit. Attention is a limited resource, so be concise and clear to reach your listener directly and bluntly. To speak about the bush without saying anything new will make your listener feel frustrated.Try to arouse curiosity of the listener so he will pay attention.


3. Transmit passion and enthusiasm.The emotion is more meaning and people feel attracted to passion and enthusiasm. Your pitch has to transmit not only credibility, but also enthusiasm.  


4. Be natural.In a world full of artificiality, authenticity is extremely valued. Do not try to be who you are not and do not impersonate, it will not turn out well. The key to success is being genuine and portray credibly.


5. Empathy. Before arriving at the business proposal, it is appropriate that you have been able to create a climate of empathy in your speech .Emotional intelligence is important in all areas of the today’s world and, of course, also in the work environment.


6. Credibility and confidence.The most important thing when achieving allies is to be able to transmit credibility and confidence. It is necessary than your partners trust in you so they can value your proposals and they count on you.


7. Control your body language.As well as managing emotions, it is essential to dominate body language.Remember that people pay more attention to body language than words and content and they hold it back easily. 

Here is a situation which recreates a pitch of the programme of Código Emprende of TVE.


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