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Do you know which the first colour film was?

Cinema and cinematographic technics evolve since the first films in the 19th century were projected. To enjoy a movie in the present days in high definition full-colour is usual, but, as in everything, to be the first one has an added value. Do you know which the first colour film was? Let us tell you about it!

3 may 2017

The first scenes shown in colour in cinema history did not count with the entire colour range. Actually, at the beginning of the 20th century only green and red, mixed in an additive way, gave colour to films thanks to a system created by George A. Smith. But it was not until 196 when Technicolor developed the trichromatic system (green, red and blue) which improved over the decades.

The first film produced entirely in colour got the first Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and got a significant economic income for Walt Disney

The honour of being the first movie filmed entirely with this system is for the animated short film by Walt Disney Flowers and Trees, directed by Burt Gillet in 1932. The production procedure of this film started in black and white and they quickly decided that the work was appropriate to prove this new technic. The hit was so big that the first won the first Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. The innovation of Walt Disney helped improving economic results of the company, which resulted in subsequent great animated works.




Three years after the first full-colour film was projected, Becky Sharp (1935), by Rouben Mamoulian. However, it seems like there is a tape which exists way before and it is considered as the first colour work in the history of cinema. Authors Edward Turner and his patron Frederick Marshall Lee filmed in a rudimentary way some black and white scenes to introduce afterwards green, red and blue filters. You can watch the video here:



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