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Which trends are there in the European audio visual market?

The European Audiovisual Observatory has published the data of its annual study. These are the trends in the European film market. Check them out! 

16 june 2017

The last report of the European Audiovisual Observatory has made it evident that the film market has achieved good results for industry. Hereunder we will talk about issues regarding some variables that have stood out.


  • The ticket selling has increased almost a trillion, the highest level in Europe since 2004.

Last year a total amount of 991 millions of ticket were sold in all 28 countries of the European Union. Nevertheless, this fact does not imply an increase of the money collected in ticket selling. On the contrary, this number lightly decreased a 2,3%, although this is not an impediment to exceed the collected 7 trillions euros. This trend is not the one the Spanish market followed since this has been one of the countries that have increased its collection in the last year.

  • The success in animation lead European ticket offices.

The movies Finding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets were two of the best box-office draws in Europe. The first one sold 26.5 millions of tickets and the second one 24.7 millions. But these were not the only animated films that conquered spectators. Actually, there are up to 8 animation titles in the Top 20 of most seen movies, like for example Zootopia(22.3 millions of tickets) or The Jungle Book (20.5 millions).

  • The European film volume increases.

The number of European films has lightly increased from 1,663 to 1,740 productions in 2016, which represents a 4.7% more than in 2015. This record number proves another increasing year when it comes to film industry. Totally, 1,133 fiction movies (65%) and 607 documentaries (35%) have been produced.

  • The market fee for European movies decreased to 26.7%.

The same way that last year, American movies were the ones increasing their spectators rate, which got to 50 millions. Anyway, the collection of European movies was stable in 2016, which concluded in a light increase in the market fee from 27% to 26,7%.

Top 20 of European movies in 2016.

  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  2. Bridget Jone's Baby.
  3. Quo Vado?
  4. Les Tuche 2 - Le rêve américain
  5. A Monster Calls
  6. The Danish girl
  7. Camping 3
  8. Willkommen bei den Hartmanns
  9. Radin!
  10. Pitbull. Niebezpieczne kobiety
  11. Perfetti sconosciuti
  12. Heidi
  13. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
  14. Back to Mom’s
  15. The Wild Life
  16. The Visitors: Bastille Day
  17. Monsieur Chocolat
  18. A man called Ove
  19. Julieta
  20. Bibi & Tina: Girls Versus Boys