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7 ways of spoiling a movie

7 ways of spoiling a movie

Spoiler Alert! In this post, we review 7 examples of universal cinematography which were spoiled.

19 july 2016

We live with them, we can even find websites which encourage us to share our knowledge on a specific work; however, spoilers are and will be the greatest enemies of cinema and television series fans. Warning: if you have not seen all of these movies, do not keep on reading.

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  1. Rosemary's Baby

Translations are sometimes responsible of ruining a part or a whole movie’s argument. Such is the case of Rosemary’s baby (Roman Polanski); its title in Spanish is ‘La Semilla del Diablo’ (The devil’s seed), which leaves little space for imagination. Yes, Rosemary’s baby is a reincarnation of the devil himself.

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  1. The Sixth Sense

Following with the translation and without leaving the horror movie genre, we shall highlight M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense, which was named He is a ghost in China. The legend tells that on the day of its premiere, the screens added a message asking the spectators not to reveal the ending to future viewers; the Asian giant, apparently, did not listen.  

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  1. Love and Death

Love and Death is part of Woody Allen’s wide filmography. Boris is its main character and at the end of the movie, he dances with death. The metaphor is clear.

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  1. Victory


This case shows us the contrary. Victory adds something more which gives mystery to the original title which only said Victory and solves the ending to the public. Nevertheless, the aim of this movie is to watch stars such as Bobby Moore, Pelé and Osvaldo Ardiles play football against the Nazis in a work camp.

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  1. Star Wars

Sometimes, characters become walking spoilers. Such is the case of Darth Vader, the main character in Star Wars. Vader in Dutch means father. Though with the possibility of speculating on Lord Sith’s family, it is by no means strange that one of the main characters is called Darth Father.

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  1. Psycho

At this point, the ending of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie remains no mystery.  What few people know is that the master of suspense had already given away the surprise in a conversation held between Norman Bates and Marion Crane; the first one tells the second that his mom is as defenceless as the stuffed birds in the wall.

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  1. The Planet of the Apes


This classical work of science fiction holds a double spoiler. The first of them is related to the cover, where the Statue of Liberty is buried up to its torso which clearly sets the action in New York, even though we still do not know that the astronaut is traveling from the present to the future of its planet. Space-time-based questions left aside, in Portugal they decided to solve this quickly by naming the movie “The man who came from the future”.

For those who hate spoilers the most, a study carried out by the University of San Diego (California) with Christenfeld and Leavitt states that being aware of an important part of a book, series or movie, does not affect on the way you experience it. In the authors’ words: “the argument is only an excuse for narrative art, and “once the surprise has been revealed, the cognitive assimilation of stories is easier and allows a better comprehension”.

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Published by: Pablo Martí Prats
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