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The documentary arrives in Valencia

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Non-fiction cinema has sneaked in Valencia for the new festival ‘DocsValencia. Espai de no ficció’ (‘DocsValencia. Non-fiction site’), which starts today presenting the genre documentary and combining culture and entertainment.    

22 november 2016

Valencia is a land of long cinema-buff tradition. Following the success of the international Valencian festival of medium-length films ‘La Cabina’, which took place from 3 until 13 November, now it is time for new sessions for documentary-lovers organised by ‘DocsValencia. Espai de no ficció.’ 

Culture and entertainment come together to make aware and trigger spectators’ sensibilities with film contents causing reflection and debate. Until next Sunday, Valencia will become a meeting area for enjoying film presentations and talks with the directors, projections and conferences about new technologies, formats and popularisation of documentaries. 


Culture and entertainment come together to make aware and trigger spectators’ sensibilities

The Jornadas Guion (‘Script Sessions’) stand out in the programme. These will take place tomorrow and José Ángel Alayón (scriptwriter, director and producer) will be giving the lecture 'La internacionalización del documental desde el guion’ (‘The Internationalisation of Documentaries Based on the Script.’) On the same day, a roundtable will take place: ‘El guion documental: escribir con la cámara’ (‘The Documentary Script: Writing with the Camera’). The participants will be José Ángel Alayón, Joana M. Ortueta, Octavio Guerra, Pau Montagud and Carles Candela. 

On Thursday, there will be the Jornadas industria (‘Industry Sessions’). There will be a reflection on the Valencian documentary industry promoted by professionals such as Katarzyna Irena Wilk- Krakow Film Foundation. Head of Film Promotion Agency. Polish Docs Coordinator, Jordi Ambròs- Manager of TV3 documentary coproductions. 

Documentary films

  • After the projection ‘Where to Invade Next’, by Michael Moore, which will open next Wednesday’s event, documentary films will be the main character of the occasion. The film by Michael Moore is a subversive comedy focused on the invasion in Europe aimed at finding solutions for problems in the United States. 
  • The festival will also show the film awarded in Havana and Cracow as one of the best 2015 documentaries: ‘Casa Blanca’, directed by Aleksandra Maciuszek. The film takes place in the fishing district of Casa Blanca and tells the story of a 70-years-old woman that lives with her son born with Down syndrome. A story that depicts the clash between family responsibilities and freedom individual desires  
  • In the event, there will be an area reserved for Espías en la arena. Objetivo España (‘Spies in the Sand. Target Spain’), a documentary thriller directed by Marta Hierro and Pablo Azorín Williams. The documentary shows a spies story, starred by exiled Spaniards during the Second World War.

Cinema-lovers have a new opportunity to enjoy the best culture in Valencia, at an economical price: entries for 2 € (1 € for students, retired people, unemployed people, people with functional diversity or groups). Don't miss it!

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