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"Each module is useful to understand and implement the development of a content that can be broadcasted"

22 april 2016

Cristina Moratalla Romero

Ceuta, Spain

I enroled in this master’s degree, the Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats, soon after seeing what it offered. I was just graduated in Journalism, and before I ventured to expand my training in the audiovisual field, taking in account everything that I hadn’t acquired in my degree, I decided I had to know more about the television itself; what was behind the scenes, in the producers and scriptwriters’ heads and the new tendencies that the multimedia enabled.

I sensed that in this master’s degree I would not find technical training such as learning how to use a camera with professional precision, the ideal lighting for a particular plane or improving knowledge on the latest video or image editing programs. What I found there is something far more complex, in a closer and more familiar environment than I expected. Self-learning is always intensely present in university training, but in this occasion, the day-to-day in small classes imparted by professionals that care about your learning and progress and classmates from so many different countries give it an extra element and a special didactic wealth.

In this master’s degree I could see the ins and outs of programming, what strategies are followed in order to design multiple formats that currently are adapted to multiplatform, how to adapt some content to one or another media, how an idea is created and how it is processed to take it to different kinds of screen. Many things I couldn’t reflect in a website. We start from the creation of an idea to its evolution and final form, to produce in a project that takes us away from the purely academic field and engages us to "real life". Ultimately, the most interesting part is that each module is useful to understand and implement the development of a content that can be broadcasted. That is the experience this master’s degree transmits me, and I think it is much more than just learning.