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  • Fintech

    Should there be specific regulations for fintechs?

    16 september 2016

    We analyse different visions on fintech regulations. Should financial start-ups work under different rules to that of traditional banks even if they offer similar or identical services?

  • Bizum

    Instant transfers from your phone: The new payment platform of the Spanish Banking System

    20 july 2016

    Spain’s most important banks have united to create Bizum, a payment platform which responds to the pressure of FinTech and the new European financial regulations.

  • Brexit

    Banks prepare roadmap for possible ‘Brexit’

    17 june 2016

    Central banks and private entities are restlessly awaiting the results of the referendum on June 23rd. If the United Kingdom finally leaves the European Union, QE, job cuts and much uncertainty will be the reactions of the banking sector.

  • Banking profitability

    How to recover profitability in the banking sector?

    31 may 2016

    The Valencian Institute for Economic Research holds – together with the University of Valencia – its seventh Conference on the Spanish Banking Sector, in the context of its twenty-fifth anniversary.

  • ECB

    Banking supervision costs in Europe exceed €400 million

    29 april 2016

    The European Central Bank announces the total fees of its prudential supervision duties that it will charge credit institutions in 2016.

  • Digital Banking

    Alternative Banking Becomes the Norm.

    15 april 2016

    A study conducted by consulting firm Stiga shows a rapid increase in digital and mobile banking, at the expense of traditional banking.

  • Robo-adviser

    What are robo-advisers?

    6 april 2016

    Some months ago we talked about FinTech and how the banking sector would face its imminent emergence in Spain. Here we highlight out one of its most popular aspects: the automated investment adviser.

  • Crédito Banca

    El crédito sube en España por primera vez desde 2007

    22 march 2016

    Primera cifra positiva anual del flujo de nuevas operaciones de crédito tras siete años de caídas, pese al descenso interanual en diciembre.

  • Preinscripción

    ¿Cómo me matriculo en el Máster Qfb?

    8 march 2016

    En los másteres interuniversitarios los procesos administrativos previos a la matrícula pueden crear confusiones. Por este motivo, detallamos a continuación cómo organiza cada universidad sus preinscripciones respectivas.

  • Stress test

    Keys of the new European banking stress test

    4 march 2016

    European authorities will once again measure the banking sector’s resistance. A selection of the main banking firms will face the new EBA’s stress test. What changes on this occasion?