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Enrolment requirements

The Master’s Degree in Banking and Quantitative Finance is addressed to university graduates, preferably graduates in Economics and in Business Administration and Management, in Actuarial and Financial Sciences, in Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.), in Informatics, in Engineering and Architecture with a solid training in quantitative methods.

The maximum number of students will be 40.

The dedication of the accepted students to the Master’s Degree will preferable be exclusive.

The subjects will be almost entirely taught in Spanish. The foreign students will have to demonstrate having a sufficient level of Spanish.

It will be considered as merits the accreditation of a sufficient level of written and spoken English (a punctuation over 550 on the TOEFL is recommendable, over the level A on the Cambridge First Certificate, or over the level 6 on the IELTS of the British Council).

Application process, selection and enrolment.

All the students should follow the three following steps in one of the four organising universities (to their choice):
1. The candidates should apply for their acceptance in the Master’s Degree by completing the registration official process (preregistration) in one of the four organising universities.

Additionally, the candidates should send the specific required additional documentation that is indicated below, for their consideration in the selection process.
2. The Academic Committee of the Master’s Degree will study the received applications and will inform their decision to each candidate by following the established procedure at the university chosen by the student.

3. The students that have been accepted in the Master’s Degree will have to formalise their enrolment in the chosen university.

Registration periods and enrolment

The details on the legal regulatory conditions and on the registration and enrolment periods have to be consulted in the postgraduate services of the universities chosen by the students.
The foreign candidates will have to meet all the homologation requirements of their degrees in Spain according to the current regulations.

The procedures and periods are detailed at:

Selection process

The selection will be carried out considering the academic criteria. It is essential the presentation of the academic record and of the curriculum vitae. Students are also required to provide two cover letters signed by professors from their respective degrees or any other academic programme. It will be considered a preferential merit having carried out the Graduate Management Administration Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Additional documents

For the intern process of the Master’s Degree, the information to be sent is the following:

  • Academic record.
  • Curriculum Vitae. 
  • Brief letter explaining the reasons by which the student wants to study this master’s degree.
  • Two letters of recommendation of professors of the degree.
  • Proof of the English level.
  • Proof of the financing (in its case).

These documents must be sent to one of the following postal addresses or emails that correspond to one of the organising departments of the university where the students want to enrol, except on the cases of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the Universitat de València, where the presentation of the documents has to be made online through the corresponding link (see below).

Department involved in the teaching at the University of Castilla-La Mancha

Economic Analysis and Finances
Telephone number: +34 925 268800 extension 5267 (Silvia Recio):
Fax: +34 268801
Web page

Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences
Cobertizo San Pedro Márter, no number
45071 Toledo

Departments involved in the teaching at the Complutense University of Madrid:

Complutense Institute for Economic Analysis (ICAE)

Department of Quantitative Economics
Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business
28223 Madrid
Telephone number: + 34 91 394 26 11 (Nina Falero)
Fax: +34 91 394 26 13
Web page

Departments involved at the teaching of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU):

Administration of the Master’s Degree and the Doctoral Programme:
Telephone number:  +34 946 017113 (Inmaculada Arróniz)
Web page

Department of Applied Economics III
Telephone number: +34 946013740 (Isabel Urrutia)
Fax: +34 946013754 83 70
Web page

Department of Economic Analysis Foundations II
Telephone number: +34 946013774 (Inés Garcia)
Fax: +34 946017123 83 70
Web page

Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
Lehendakari Aguirre Avenue, 83
48015 Bilbao
Web page

Departments involved in the teaching at the Universitat de València:

Department of Economic Analysis
Telephone number: +34 96 382 82 46
Fax: +34 96 382 82 49
Web page

Department of Financial and Actuarial Economics
Telephone number: +34 96 382 83 69 (María José Rico)
Fax: +34 96 382 83 70
Web page

Faculty of Economics
Eastern Departmental Building of the Tarongers Campus
Universitat de València