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The Master’s Degree Programme in Banking and Quantitative Finance responds to the requirements of the moder finances, in which the quantitative techniques necessary to carry out a well founded analysis that makes easier the financial decision-making of great complexity and multidisciplinary nature.

The main objective of the Master’s Degree is to train experts able of exercising labours of evaluation, management and advice in the field of finances. Specifically, postgraduate students:

  • Will develop their activity by making an intensive use of quantitative techniques and advanced IT tools, which will allow them for making complex decisions in an optimal and well informed way.
  • Will meet the functioning of the financial system, the different alternatives for the allocation of resources, the assets valuation and the management of risks and how they work in the general context of the economy. Particularly, they have to be able of identifying and anticipating the economic-financial problems significant in any specific situation, of discussing the alternatives that make easier its resolution, of selecting the most appropriate for the objectives and of evaluating the result that they produce.
  • They will be prepared in research tasks aiming at, if they want and fulfil the requirements, accessing the tertiary studies that lead to the level of doctor by harnessing the researcher potential of a big group of professors involved in the interuniversity programme.