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  • The City of London

    FinTech: What happens now with the City of London?

    28 june 2016

    London has made a strong effort to become the European capital of FinTech. Many start-ups, some Spanish, have found there the perfect place to blossom. But Brexit could neutralise many of its advantages.

  • Brexit

    Banks prepare roadmap for possible ‘Brexit’

    17 june 2016

    Central banks and private entities are restlessly awaiting the results of the referendum on June 23rd. If the United Kingdom finally leaves the European Union, QE, job cuts and much uncertainty will be the reactions of the banking sector.

  • ECB

    Banking supervision costs in Europe exceed €400 million

    29 april 2016

    The European Central Bank announces the total fees of its prudential supervision duties that it will charge credit institutions in 2016.

  • Stress test

    Keys of the new European banking stress test

    4 march 2016

    European authorities will once again measure the banking sector’s resistance. A selection of the main banking firms will face the new EBA’s stress test. What changes on this occasion?

  • Negative rates

    Where can negative rates currently be found?

    27 january 2016

    Lenders don't pull in profits any more: they do the paying. Same goes for depositors. Negative yield now affects dissimilar yet interrelated assets and financial movements. For banks, investment options vanish; small investors face entirely new prospects.