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  • Fintech

    How will banks face the Fintech challenge?

    14 january 2016

    The financial sector is reinventing itself - thanks to technology. Fintech companies tripled their investment in 2015, and expect to decidedly burst into the Spanish market in 2016. Are traditional banks prepared?

  • Blackboard with a mathematical formula.

    Quants: The science of finance

    8 january 2016

    It has become the buzzword of the financial sector in the past few years. Everyone wants one: banks, investment groups, energy businesses, even betting houses. There are few of them, but on the shoulders of those few lies the behaviour of the global financial system, as it has done for over three decades. And alas, finance is often the last field of study they chose to follow. They are quantitative analysts: Quants.

  • International Finance blogs

    5 essential blogs on international finance

    11 december 2015

    There are hundreds of financial media oulets on the net to choose from - and infinitely times more information. In this post, we narrow down the competition to five of the best financial blogs written in the English language. 

  • Free Econometric Software

    Free, yet priceless: Open-source Econometric Software

    10 december 2015

    The first statistical software packages developed for personal computers landed midway through the Eighties. Thirty years on, the best programs offer countless possibilities for financial econometricians, at a high cost. There are, however, open-source alternatives.

  • La deuda europea alcanza precios históricos

    Sub-zero bonds?

    9 december 2015

    For the first time in history, Eurozone countries are selling their fixed-rate bonds at negative interest rates. How have we reached this surprising situation, and why is demand for this debt still increasing?