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  • Fintech

    Should there be specific regulations for fintechs?

    16 september 2016

    We analyse different visions on fintech regulations. Should financial start-ups work under different rules to that of traditional banks even if they offer similar or identical services?

  • Bizum

    Instant transfers from your phone: The new payment platform of the Spanish Banking System

    20 july 2016

    Spain’s most important banks have united to create Bizum, a payment platform which responds to the pressure of FinTech and the new European financial regulations.

  • The City of London

    FinTech: What happens now with the City of London?

    28 june 2016

    London has made a strong effort to become the European capital of FinTech. Many start-ups, some Spanish, have found there the perfect place to blossom. But Brexit could neutralise many of its advantages.

  • Digital Banking

    Alternative Banking Becomes the Norm.

    15 april 2016

    A study conducted by consulting firm Stiga shows a rapid increase in digital and mobile banking, at the expense of traditional banking.

  • Robo-adviser

    What are robo-advisers?

    6 april 2016

    Some months ago we talked about FinTech and how the banking sector would face its imminent emergence in Spain. Here we highlight out one of its most popular aspects: the automated investment adviser.

  • Fintech

    How will banks face the Fintech challenge?

    14 january 2016

    The financial sector is reinventing itself - thanks to technology. Fintech companies tripled their investment in 2015, and expect to decidedly burst into the Spanish market in 2016. Are traditional banks prepared?