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  • Brexit

    Banks prepare roadmap for possible ‘Brexit’

    17 june 2016

    Central banks and private entities are restlessly awaiting the results of the referendum on June 23rd. If the United Kingdom finally leaves the European Union, QE, job cuts and much uncertainty will be the reactions of the banking sector.

  • Digital Banking

    Alternative Banking Becomes the Norm.

    15 april 2016

    A study conducted by consulting firm Stiga shows a rapid increase in digital and mobile banking, at the expense of traditional banking.

  • Robo-adviser

    What are robo-advisers?

    6 april 2016

    Some months ago we talked about FinTech and how the banking sector would face its imminent emergence in Spain. Here we highlight out one of its most popular aspects: the automated investment adviser.

  • Deutsche Bank

    The management of Deutsche Bank: Chronology of a chaotic year

    25 january 2016

    The first financial group of Germany and one of banking's references on a global scale faces perhaps the hardest spell in the bank's 58-year long history (after re-emerging in 1957), What has been going on in the last few months at DB?