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Contemplating a change of model: Here is Papeles de Energía

Energetic Transition

FUNCAS edits, from this spring and under the name of Papeles de Energía, a publication that aims to inform at length on the current energy transition in Spain and the rest of the world.

13 may 2016

The energy picture for the next decade is intriguing. In the most part of sectors, firms or daring movements that challenge the statu quo and expect to stay ahead of a change of model are constantly arising. During the last twelve months, Brent has hit 10-year lows and remains unstable, Tesla and governments such as the Dutch have started to design a future where the electric car would be more than just an alternative, and over 170 countries officially committed in Paris to reduce the greenhouse gases emission. Controversial measures also emerge, such as the new tax for energy self-consumption, not to mention the reactions of the financial markets.

In this context of expectation and uncertainty this new publication is born, edited by Funcas (Savings Banks Foundation). Papeles de Energía, which will be published every six months, aims to “cultivate the abundant talent within the Spanish energy sector, so that it can appropriately respond to the challenges it faces.” In a moment of transition and evolution towards new energetic and, apparently, more sustainable models, it is vital to have publications that create debate within our borders, always from an academic and justified viewpoint.

Pedro Linares Llamas, vice-principal for Research and Internationalisation of the Comillas Pontifical University and full-university professor on Industrial Organisation at ICAI School of Engineering, directs the publication. María Dolores Furió Ortega, director of the Master’s Degree in Banking and Quantitative Finance of the Universitat de València, is part of the Editorial Council of the journal.

This first edition of Papeles de Energía (published in Spanish and English) has three articles by international researchers that deal with different aspects of energy transition. Michael G. Pollitt, professor at the University of Cambridge, opens the journal with an article titled Seeking a ‘Good’ Energy Policy: Social Limitations of the Technological Solutions for the Energy and Weather Problems, where he researches on the abyss between the proposal of solutions from technologists and their eventual political implementation. 

Kathlee Araújo, professor at Stony Brook University, invites to stand out the effects that systemic change have in The ‘real costs’ of the energy system change.

Finally, professor Andreas Löschel of the University of Münster illustrates these articles by analysing the example of the German Energiewende in an article titled German Energy Transition – Current Situation and Perspectives.

The first edition of Papeles de Energía is available here by downloading the journal in PDF format or buying it in paper format.

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