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Students of the Master’s Degree in La Alfranca, already a tradition

  • February 27th, 2023
Visit to 'La Alfranca'

From 16 to 21 February, fifteen students of our Master's Degree have travelled through some parts of the Aragonese geography.

As reported in the News section of the website of La Alfranca (Government of Aragon), the students visited the Natural Park of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara, the Natural Reserve of the Sotos and Galachos del Ebro, and La Alfranca, to carry out practical activities for their subjects. These activities included, among others, the analysis of geological, palaeontological, ecological and landscape aspects of these natural spaces.

The stay in La Alfranca has been possible thanks to the agro-environmental research and dissemination facilities in La Alfranca, managed by the Department of Climate Change and Environmental Education of the Government of Aragon. This collaboration has been taking place since 2005, so we can consider it almost as a tradition...