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Description and characteristics

This Master's deals with the biodiversity from different perspectives, providing a multidisciplinary approach. Realistic strategies are essential to know, measure, inventory, conserve and manage biodiversity (Rio Conference, 1992), its origin, changes, functions, populations, species and supraspecific taxa, the processes and factors that act on their evolution, adaptation and diversity, with the use of new modeling and instrumentation techniques. It is registered at the areas of "Life Sciences", and "Food and Agricultural Sciences and Environmental Technologies", and the national research programmes "Fundamental Biology", "Sciences and Environmental Technologies" and "Biodiversity, Earth Science and Global Change".

With this Master's it is expected the knowledge and understanding of: the biodiversity nature, types, origin, fluctuations and threats, methods and techniques for its preservation and management; the preparation for teaching the biodiversity in its different aspects; the introduction to basic and applied research, on living beings, present and fossils, and on systemic and evolutionary aspects of biodiversity.

It is aimed at the Licenciaturas or diplomaturas in Biological Sciences, Geological, Agronomic and Forestry, Order and Territory Management, Natural Resources, or other related disciplines.

The Master's is organised by the Faculty of Biological Sciences. The Departments of Botany, Genetics, Geology, Microbiology and Ecology, Zoology, and the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology are involved in its teaching, all of them from the University of Valencia.

The following Specialities are offered: Evolution and Animal Biodiversity and Conservation.  Plant Biodiversity and Conservation. Microbial Biodiversity and Conservation. Ecosystem Biodiversity and Conservation.