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Essential chemical compounds in protector sunscreens

We are fully immersed in summer, since the visits to the beach or the swimming pool are frequent. This is why we imperiously need something in our bag when we are going to spend a long period of time exposed to the sun’s strength. It is, obviously, the sunscreen. An essential topic to protect our skin from sunburns and manufactured by many chemical compounds.

20 july 2016

One of the essential compounds is 4-Aminobenzoic acid (PABA), a whitish organic compound. Sometimes it is called Bx vitamin despite not being an actual vitamin. Its function is essential due to it acts by blocking the solar rays once it is applied on the skin. Another element employed as sunscreen is titanium dioxide, which blocks and reflects the UV rays before they harm the skin.

Among the compounds there are also methyl cinnamate, common in perfumes with strong scent, since it provides a fruity and sweet smell. Obviously, it is used so that sunscreens have a nice smell.

For the weakening of light coming from solar rays, avobenzone is used, which is a chemical that significantly degrades light. At the same time, octisalate is also used, since its a genetically healthy ingredient that helps stabilising avobenzone for a better result.

Other drug very used in sunscreen is salicylate, since it stimulates the capillaries blood flow and is very beneficial for caring skin and avoiding problems as acne.

However, the most complex compound for skin protection is zinc oxide, since it has an antiseptic function as well as preventing rashes and wrinkles. Also, as it is sparingly soluble in water, it makes it an effective sunscreen.

There are more compounds addressed to combat the harmful UV rays, such as octocrylene, which is almost impossible diluting in water; octinoxate, which absorbs quickly in the skin; or oxybenzone, which is used as a carrier of other compounds so that they perform in the dermis. All of them together proof that chemistry is essential for humans care.