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The Màster Universitari en Química is focused on Chemistry graduates but also on those who have licensed in Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Materials Science or Nanotechnology, even those highly qualified graduates (graduates and engineers) who want to expand their professional carreers into the activities that this Máster: académico or Investigació i profesional offers.  This Máster offers to its graduates a professional view on investigation, development and innovative activities inside the industry. We also offer the possibility of carrying out a PhD in order to delve into their academic carreers.  There are many terms related to Chemistry: Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Industrial Chemistry and more recently; Nanochemistry and Neurochemistry, among others. That is why the applicant’s profile can be different to the ones graduated in Chemistry.  

The Chemistry Degree given by the Universitat de València offers 180 places, since it was introduced in 2010 the number of admissions has been covered. With these data, the percentage of students interested in continuing with their academic studies is around 120-130 graduates, delving into the four basic branches of Chemistry and dealing with Chemistry in a multidisciplinary way.