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University Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance

The Master’s degree in Corporate Finance intends the people interested to cover the professional activity and the responsibility that the Colegio Oficial de Economistas de Valencia (COEV) deems as specific of the expert in Corporate Finance. Regarding the professional activity, they have to be able to “provide specialised financial, economic and strategic advise to businesses, financial institutions, private equity, even to governments, and participate in the conception and organisation of the operations until they are completed. They cover a wide range of operations: business buying and sale operations, thorough advise on private equity and financial investors, search of financial partners for industrial companies, advising the board of directors in leveraging operations (Management Buy-Outs, Management Buy-Ins, Secondary Buy-Outs...), search of finance and development of business plans and strategic and financial advising, providing in every case solutions for the future of the business, also advising in those critical moments that require fast decision-making”.

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