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The main goal of this master’s degree is the preparation for exercising as professionals in activities related to finances, the management of methodologies and tools, and the development and consolidation of skills to carry out, efficiently and effectively, the decision-making for investments, disinvestment and financing, that will allow to perform the professional activity as experts in risks management, finance analysts and international businesses, among other, in any company regardless of its activity sector.
In this way, the graduated can help to prevent results, improve the understanding of the financial aspects, promote the investment-disinvestment selected decisions and propose data for business prediction and control.
The Master’s degree in Corporate Finance is directly focused on training professionals (and not researchers in a strict sense) in the business financial area. Its goal is to provide the students with the appropriate preparation for exercising professional activities related to the finance department of the company, providing with advanced knowledge and techniques to the finance area to develop in the future a successful professional career that allow them to hold important positions.

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