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Basic concepts and types 7 credits.

  1. Concept and legal frame of landscape
    1. Objective landscape and subjective landscape. Landscape structures Natural landscape and cultural landscape
    2. Legislation in its different territorial scales, with specific reference to autonomies.
  2. Study of natural and cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean basin
    1. Study of the mountains, the hydrographic network and the Mediterranean littoral
  3. Cultural landscape analysis
    1. Identification, evaluation and protection of rural, urban and hydraulic landscapes.

Landscape analysis techniques 8 credits.

  1. Evaluation criteria and landscape cataloguing
    1. Inventory and evaluation criteria from a multidisciplinary perspective
  2. Landscape analysis techniques
    1. Analytical, synthetic and mixed methods for the establishment of landscape units.
  3. Techniques for landscape cartographic representation
    1. Thematic cartography and SIG Aerial photography and satellite images. Graphic and photographic representation techniques
  4. Methods and Techniques for landscape compositions
    1. Structure and Components of a landscape study