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In order to define the relevance of this master’s degree it is necessary to talk about the required competences for a data scientist; professional who needs to be able to:

1. Optimally compile and store information. This information may be of any kind (digital, textual, images, videos...). The information can be affected by the 5 V of the known as Big Data (speed, variety, volume, value and veracity). 
2. Visualising such information in order to extract behaviour patterns in data. 
3. Stablishing repetitive behaviour groups/patterns and rules. 
4. Determining prediction models for further behaviours. 

All of these characteristics define a data scientist, this is why, if we analyse them, it is possible to observe that they need a multidisciplinary training that includes different knowledge areas. It is necessary to highlight that these professionals work in every area of industry, from the pharmaceutical industry to the videogames industry, and also consultant’s office, banks, companies bases on the Internet, etc. 

Currently there is a significant demand for data scientists under the scope of what is known as ;Business Intelligence”; “Customer Experience”; “Business Analytics”. If we add terms like Big Data and Internet of Things awe get a very much demanded professional profile, this is why the graduates will quickly be introduced in the work world. 

The master’s degree collaborates with several companies in which the student can carry out his or her external internship and also put into practice the knowledge acquired in the master’s degree.

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