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Applying for the iMBA: All you need to know


So you have finally decided to apply for our International Master’s Degree in Business Administration programme, but you’re not sure where to begin? Then please, read on.

14 de abril de 2016

For the most part, higher education application processes are a bit confusing. Ambiguous requirements, pages and pages of certificates and other documents, outdated websites… Factor in other issues such as visas and/or language barriers, and it can be quite the ordeal.

Here at the Universitat de València and the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration, we intend to smoothen this process in every measure possible, so that bureaucracy doesn’t become too much of a burden.

Note: The following applies for those students wishing to complete their Core Modules in Valencia. If you are interested in our International Marketing specialisation you must apply first at one of our partner institutions and then, in their pre-enrolment process, indicate the Universitat de València as your preferred second semester university. This page will take you to each of our partners’ application site.


When may I apply? You already can! The first pre-enrolment phase opened on March 8th, with a June 15th deadline. Candidates will be notified of the selection results on July 11th, with the formal enrolment process taking place a week later, from July 18th to July 21st.

There is also a second phase with a September 1st deadline, but with limited places on offer and (for non-EU or EEA nationals) the time it takes to get a student visa, there is a higher chance that your application will not be accepted.


Where do I apply? Right here. You will need to provide a digital certificate or create a user name and password (OFFICE User) if you’re not a previous UV student.


What are the iMBA requirements? First and foremost, an undergraduate degree relevant to Business Management (i.e.: accredited economics, finance, business and/or management knowledge). With other BA degrees, proof of professional experience or relevant studies must be provided to be considered.

Applicants will also need to prove their English skills via an IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL internet score of 80.


What do I need? The basic documents needed for any UV pre-enrolment process are:

  • A copy of your DNI/NIE (Spanish residents) or Passport.
  • A copy of your University degree (not required for UV graduates).
  • A copy of your academic record.

Two important notes here: 1) If you haven’t yet completed your degree you may still apply, provided that you certify them by the enrolment dates in July. 2) If your studies were completed in a non-EHEA (European Higher Education Area) member country and you don’t already have an official homologation by the Spanish Ministry of Education, you will be required a one-time payment of 155.22€ as a foreign qualification equivalence fee.

Aside from those, you will need to include the further documents specified by the iMBA Academic Coordinating Committee.

  • English language certification: IELTS (6.5); TOEFL paper (550); TOEFL computer (213); TOEFL Internet (80), or undergraduate studies taken in English.
  • Your CV.
  • Proof of professional experience, if possible.

All of these documents must be in one of the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian or Portuguese. Otherwise, an official translation into Spanish or Catalan must be submitted with an original copy.


Got any questions? The following links should clear any remaining confusion:

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Still not sure? Ask us at imba@uv.es or through our Social Media channels.

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Publicado por: Anthony Nelson Hosey