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EMAC 2016: Marketing in the age of data


Last week Oslo held the Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, with over 1000 participants gathering to learn and discuss the evolution of market research in the age of data.

30 de mayo de 2016

In 1975, the EMAC was created as an academic association for people “interested in marketing theory and research”. It promotes the exchange of information and research on an international level (not strictly European). Forty years later, it boasts over 1000 members from 57 different countries, over all five continents.

Amongst the activities and events coordinated or organized by the EMAC, one that stands out is its Annual Conference, which is held every year at a major European university or research centre.

This year, the symposium was held in Oslo, Norway, from the 24th of May to the 27th. Previously, a Doctoral Colloquium (also annual) was also held in the Norwegian capital for doctoral students wishing to discuss their dissertation research.

The theme of the 45th edition of the Conference was «Marketing in the Age of Data». Thanks to the ongoing technological revolution(s), academics and non-academics alike currently have more access to data than ever, both in quantity and in quality. This creates new, exciting opportunities for market research, but also highlights an increasing need for updates to how marketers treat data (and what data is used).

Debates and presentations at the event cover most if not all modern marketing themes: B2B, Advertising, Promotion & Marketing Promotion, Consumer Behaviour, Applied to Emerging Countries, Public & Non-Profit, etc. These include simultaneous presentations, roundtables, invited speakers and other activities.

Several professors were representing the University of Valencia at the event, many of them part of the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Enrique Bigne, director of the iMBA programme, co-chaired the debates on Tourism Marketing at the event, as well as presenting his own research (for example «Effects of repeated views: An eye-tracking and shopper behavior tracking study»). iMBA professors Marta Frasquet, Eugenia Ruiz, María José Miquel and Carmen Pérez were also present (either in person or represented through their research), as well as several members of the Marketing Department of the Faculty of Economics.

The University of Valencia in fact held the annual conference in June 2014. The theme of that year was «Paradigm Shifts & Interactions».

If you would like to know how the 2016 EMAC conference has been developing at the Norwegian Business School, head over to their website where you can find the full programme for the week along with the official social media channels for the event. For more information on the European Marketing Academy and the events and publications it coordinates and/or sponsors, please check here.