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iMBA at Universitat de València (Spain)

Since spring 2004, the Faculty of Economics at Universitat de València has offered the official Master in International Business Administration (iMBA) as a member of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA). This Alliance was established in 2003 and is a growing network of internationally oriented business schools.

Students will receive a dual master award as it is compulsory to study in two different countries within the IBSA network of institutions for one academic year. This is a full-time programme for business graduates and all tuition takes place wholly through English.

The iMBA program provides a unique learning experience designed on both students’ needs and graduates’ opportunities. It goes beyond addressing trade issues between countries by encouraging critical analysis of what makes a business competitive in the international context.

The iMBA program aims to train students:

  • For leadership roles where global themes are paramount in the decision-making process.
  • For positions where an awareness of economic and cultural diversity is as important as professional managerial skills.
  • For fast-changing situations where the ability to adapt quickly can make the difference between business success or failure.
  • For career opportunities where bilingual or multilingual skills are required.


This Official Master has been recognized as an “Innovation Group” of the Universitat de València-Unitat d’Innovació Educativa.

For more information visit the Postgraduate Service of Universitat de València web page