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The doctoral studies in physiology come from the doctoral programme in "Physiology" (RD778/1998) and have received the quality mention since the 2004-05 year. The programme responds to increasing demands of students with an interest in carrying out a doctoral thesis in a field of great scientific relevance such as Physiology. Students trained in health sciences can carry out their doctoral thesis in some of the research lines that are developed with remarkable success in the Department of Physiology of the University of Valencia. These lines cover an important part of the subjects of major impact of the corresponding scientific literature, such as: cardiovascular physiology, physiology and physiopathology of oxidative stress in biomedicine, physiological effects of physical exercise, perinatal development, physiology of aging, study of free radicals and antioxidants, development of new therapies against cancer and the use of structured light and the analysis of image in biomedicine among others. With this wide range, a response can be given to the initiative of the own doctorate student to carry out his/her research in the field that considers of greater importance. When completing the doctoral studies, students will be able to work in well-established research groups, as well as directing them, laying out new subjects leading to requesting competitive projects in public and private tenders.