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The programme trains doctoral students to research and teaching in public and private sectors. The importance of the contribution of Physics to the technological development and, therefore, to the training of technologists, is key in any modern society that whises to base their development in cutting-edge knowledge. This programme covers fields of basic physics (theoretical and experimental nuclear physics and of particles and astrophysics) and fields of relevant physics applications (photonics and medical physics). This coexistence is highly productive, allowing the development of common spaces, such as applicatipons of nuclear physics to medical physics or the convergence of the lines of non lineal optics and quantum optics with complex systems and fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

In the doctoral programme that is proposed, doctors coming from the following departments of the University of Valencia that collaborate in the organisation of the doctoral programme will participate: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Applied Physics and Electromagnetism, Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics, Theoretical and Optic Physics, doctors of the CSIC through the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (joint mission University of Valencia-CSIC) and from the Institute for Molecular Imaging Technologies, and doctors of the General Foundation of the University of Valencia that are registered as researchers to the departments or institutes previously indicated. Doctors in Physics of other departments of the University of Valencia will also participate, such as Earth Physics and Thermodynamics, Physiology and teaching hospitals. All of this sums up a total of 148 doctors with capacity of supervising a thesis. Lastly, foreigner doctors will participate sometimes as co-tutors and in single case as supervisor.