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Atomic, molecular and nuclear physics Department. Facultat de Física

Professors      Research lines

Facunto Ballester

Javier Vijande

  • Dosimetry
  • Monte Carlo simulations in radiotherapy

Nadia Yahlali Haddou

  • Radioativity and radiological protectition with high preassure Xenon gas detectors
  • Clinical dosimetry with scintillating fibers and MPPCs (Multi-Pixel Photon Counters)


Electronics Department. ETSE

Professors      Lines of research

Joan Vila

  • Application of Machine Learning techniques in dose optimization
  • Application of Deep Learning algorithms in medical image segmentation

Vicente González

Enrique Sanchís

  • Electronics and instrumentation for radiation detectors


Physiology Department of Medicice Fac.  + Hospital Clínico Universitario + Hospital General-ERESA

Professors      Lines of research

Rosa Mª Cibrián Ortiz de Anda

Mª Rosario Salvador Palmer

Rolando Gonzalez

  • Application of thermography to the study of patologies that causes with variation of body temperature
  • Application of thermography to the study of physical exercise and sports
  • Biospeckle

Sergio Díez Domingo

  • Physiologial movement effects over medical imaging analysis

Joan Roselló Ferrando

Luís Brualla

  • Physical and clinical dosimetry in radiotherapy
  • Detectors for dosimetry in radiotherapy
  • Quality control in linear accelerators
  • Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)



Professors      Lines of research

Josep F. Oliver

Gabriela LLosá

  • Reconstruction of tomographic image in medical devices
  • Monte Carlos simulations of medical image devices
  • Development of instrumentation for medical image


National Center of Dosimetry - CND

Professors      Lines of research

Crisitian Candela

Juan Diego Palma

  • Dosimetry with TLD and OSL
  • Monte Carlo simulation in dosimetry and brachytherapy
  • Radiological protection


Valencian institute of oncology - IVO

Professors      Lines of research

Vicente Crispín Contreras

  • Dual Energy CT for lung cancer diagnostics and for radiotherapy
  • Physical and biological principles of hiperthermia treatments
  • Extracranial stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT)


Federal University of Lavras (BRASIL)

Professors      Lines of research

Roberto Braga

  •  Applications of image analysis