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Seyla Benhabib

Date of appointment: 12 november 2009.

By proposal of: Office of the Principal.

Date of investiture: 8 november 2010.

Sponsor: Dr. Neus Campillo and Dr. María Luisa Moltó.

Biographical outline:

Seyla Benhabib (Istambul, 1950) is Full University Professor of Political Sciences and Philosophy in the Yale University. She is considered as one of the most renowned theorist of politics and feminism nowadays.

Formed in the universities of Brandeis and Yale, she took part of the J. Habermas group in the University of Frankfurt. She has been Professor of Government in the Harvard University and visiting lecturer in numerous universities, as Princenton, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Berkeley and the University of Valencia, to which she is linked through the Women's Studies University Institute.

She was president of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association between 2006 and 2007. In 2009 she received Ernst Bloch award.

She is author of essential works for feminist theory and practice and for contemporary ethics and political philosophy: "Teoría Feminista y Teoría Crítica" (1989), "Situating the Self" (1992), "Feminist Contentions" (1994), "Las Reivindicaciones de la Cultura. Igualdad y Diversidad en la Era Global" (2002), "El Derecho de los Otros. Extranjeros, Ciudadanos y Residentes"(2004), "Another Cosmopolitanism" (2006) or  "Mobility and Inmobility, Gender Borders and Citizenship" (2009).

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