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The principal is the highest authority of the University of Valencia.
Holds the representation, exercises the government and leads the management and is responsible before the Senate, according to the law and Statutes of the UV.

The principal is elected by the university community by direct ballot and by universal, free and confidential elections. The vote is weighted by sectors of the university community, as it is established in the article 101 of the Statutes of the UBV, for a period of four years and with the possibility of only one consecutive re-election, between the professors in activity of the University of Valencia. He/she is appointed by the competent body of the Generalitat.

The following competences belong to the principal:

  • To represent the University, without prejudice of his/her duty of demanding authorisation if the competence corresponds to other body of the University.
  • To preside over all the acts of the University of Valencia to which he/she attends, without prejudice of the established legal precedents.
  • To invest to the doctors honoris causa and give the medal of the University.
  • To subscribe and denounce collaboration and cooperation agreements with other universities, administrations, physical or legal persons, public or private.
  • To agree on, and confirm, the call of the Senate, of the Governing Council and the Advisory Board, to approve the agenda and preside over the meetings.
  • To execute the agreements of the bodies aforementioned in the previous paragraph and the Board of Trustees, and to order and supervise the execution in case that corresponds to other organs of the University, with dedication of the competences if necessary to guarantee the fulfilment of the agreements.
  • To define the number, denomination and competences of the offices of the vice-principals.
  • To appoint, name and dismiss the vice-principals, the secretary general, the vice-secretaries and vice-managers, if there are any, and in general all the free appointment positions.
  • To appoint and revoke the manager, according to the legislation in force.
  • To appoint the office holders of the single-member bodies of the University and the corporal bodies that he/she may appoint.
  • To call the selective access processes and provision of positions of the staff of the University and appoint members of the corresponding selection tribunals and committees.
  • To agree on the call of public competition for the selection of teaching and researcher staff of specific duration.
  • To appoint the civil servants and to subscribe the employers of the staff that provides services in the University.
  • To practise higher direction over all the staff that provides services in the University.
  • To issue academic degrees and all that follow of the competence of the University of Valencia.
  • To authorise and order the expenditures according to what the budget expects.
  • To approve the budgetary modification that does not belong to other bodies.
  • To practise the disciplinary authority over all the members of the university community.
  • To file the complaints and resources by administrative authority and the legal actions in the name of the University and in defence of its rights and legitimate interests.
  • To practise all the competences that the law and these Statutes attributes to it, and also all those that are not attributed to other bodies.