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In order to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the teaching processes the Centres have incorporated the following organizational structures:

Each degree has its respective Degree Committee, that is, Undergraduate Degree Academic Degree Committee and Master’s Degree Academic Coordinating Committee.

The functions of the different bodies and persons are compiled in this document:

Functions of the different bodies responsible for the quality

List of Chairpersons of the Quality Committees of Centre:

Centre Chairperson
Faculty of Physiotherapy  Luis Such Miquel
Faculty of Biological Sciences  Inmaculada García Robles
Faculty of Law  Dolores Más Badia
Faculty of Phylosophy and Education Sciences Santiago Mengual Andrés
Faculty of Physics  Enric Valor i Micó
Faculty of Chemistry  Begoña Melián Medina
Faculty of Economics

Mª Dolores Montagud Mascarell

Francesc Muñoz Murgui

School of Engineering  Ana María Dejoz García
Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Salvador Llana Belloch
Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry Mª Luisa Ballestar Tarín
Faculty of Pharmacy  Javier Pereda Cervera
Faculty of Mathematical Sciences  Rosa Mª Donat Beneito
Faculty of Psychology Inmaculada Fuentes Durá
Faculty of Geography and History  Mª Luisa Vázquez de Agredos Pascual
Faculty of Teacher Training  Begoña Gómez Devis
Faculty of Social Sciences  Rafael Castelló Cogollos
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry  Gloria Segarra Irles
Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication Amparo Ricós Vidal