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The assessment of the postgraduate courses of the Universitat de València by the Quality Unit are developed since the academic year 1996-97, at the request of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Postgraduate Studies first, and later by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Postgraduate Studies and the ADEIT University-Business Foundation and supervised by the Studies Committee of the University.

This assessment is established in the article 14 of the Postgraduate and specialisation courses Regulations, which also specifies the need to inform the Governing Council and the Board of Trustees of its result.
The assessment procedure begins once the postgraduate course has finished. For the qualifications of more of one academic year, a survey during the middle of the course will be made.

A survey is carried out both in face-to-face courses and in distance learning courses, and for different type of courses: Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Professional specialisation Diploma, Certificate. This survey takes into account various processes of the qualification, such as the curriculum, organisation and facilities and teaching actions.
The surveys of students’ satisfaction with official degrees are carried out online through a website link that is send by email to students. The deadline for submitting the survey is one month.

The answers are processed anonymously by the Quality Unit, which is in charge of processing and analysing the data obtained. With these data are developed the individual reports of each course that are sent to the directors, in order to provide them the information for improving the postgraduate course involved. These reports are also sent to ADEIT University-Business Foundation, and to the Office of the Vice-Principal for Postgraduate studies.

Moreover, annually a global report with all the information collected is written.